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Packaging & Ingredients

Packaging: Part of my business beliefs (and life beliefs for that matter) are to reduce my impact on the environment and to be intentional with what I am putting out into our world. Because of this I use recyclable compostable packaging to hold my balms. Completely made out of paperboard, my tubes can be tossed in your recycle bin or compost pile, once you have peeled off the label (that needs to be thrown in the trash). 

When you order on of my products you will notice you will only get only get an emailed payment receipt and no packing slips or invoices for your retail or wholesale order. This is in an effort to reduce excess paper waste. If you need a paper copy please let me know and I'd be happy to include it with your order. I purchase all my packing materials from Ecoenclose, a fantastic and conscientious company located in Colorado that make recyclable, eco-friendly packing materials. So when you receive one of my packages you can recycle everything! Yeah! The packing tape is biodegradeable so just toss it in your trash. 

Ingredients: You will notice that there are no unpronounceable ingredients in my products. That's because I believe in using only plant based, from the earth oils, butters and waxes in my balms. I want my products to be as allergen-free as possible, so I avoid all ingredients, natural or not, that contain dairy, gluten, soy and grains. Be aware though that nut and seed oils may be present in some of my products. Here's a explanation of all the ingredients I use in my balms. Any questions let me know! 

Organic Argan Oil: This wonderful oil moisturizes the skin without making it feel greasy. It easily penetrates the skin making your skin feel amazing! I use only organic wildcrafted Argan oil from Morocco. 

Organic Fair Trade Shea Butter: This butter is one of my favorite moisturizers that I use in all of my products. It is rich and creamy, making it the perfect way to nourish your skin.

Organic Calendula Oil: I make this lovely golden myself using local organic calendula flowers and organic olive or sunflower oil. Calendula oil is a great healer, improving the quality of your skin and assisting in healing slow to heal wounds, rough irritated skin and hang nails. 

Organic Jojoba Oil: This oil is actually a wax and is the closest of the oils to our skin's own natural sebum. Because of this it is ideal for all skin types and even acne prone skin. 


Vitamin E: 

A Note on Essential Oils: Quality andenvironmental sustainability is most important to me when I purchase essential oils for my products. I buy certified organic essential oils whenever possible, but often times due to negativeenvironmental impact and the demand onresources; organic essential oils are not always available. 

Bergamot essential oil: 

Lavender essential oil: 

Grapefruit essentail oil: 

Palmarosa essential oil: 

Silver Fir essential oil: 

Sweet Orange essential oil: 

Spearmint essential oil: 

Peppermint essential oil: 

Vanilla essential oil: 

Lemon essential oil: