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***NEW THINGS ARE HAPPENING AT STINGING NETTLE APOTHECARY! Yarn Balm is getting rebranded! These great products that you know and love are getting a NEW, FRESH look late March 2019. It will be the same dependable, amazing product with the same great scents, only with a new look and name! Plus there will be a NEW Scent coming!

Just a few Unscented left!! Final Sale!!! 50% OFF!

Stay tuned on Instagram @stingingnettleapothecary for the most current business updates.***

Yarn Balm is formulated specifically for knitters, crocheters, spinners or anyone who works with yarn and fiber. Nothing is more bothersome than yarn catching on dry cracked fingers. Yarn Balm brings long lasting relief to those fiber-worked hands. Its smooth application allows you to put on just the amount you need, and once you massage it in, you are ready to pick up your handwork again! Yarn Balm comes in two fabulous scents: Lavender-Bergamot and Citrus-Vanilla-Mint, plus an Unscented.